15 Excellent Southeast Asian Aphrodisiac Herbs

15 Excellent Southeast Asian Aphrodisiac Herbs

Apr 12th 2023

The following information is strictly for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice or to replace medical advice.

Next to Africa, Southeast Asia boasts the most potent and effective aphrodisiac and erotogenic herbs on planet earth. An aphrodisiac is a substance (drug or plant) that stimulates sexual desire and is totally different from a pro-erectile agent or substance.

Below are fifteen (15) of the most excellent Southeast Asian aphrodisiac herbs specifically for men in the sexual health department. Many of these herbs are used in ManDyngo.com formulas and/or are available individually. As we are just starting out (having launched April 11, 2023), many of these herbs are soon to come, so stay tuned.

Acacia Craibii Nielsen

Part: wood/bark. Known as Kumlang Chang Sarn (power of the elephants). Acacia Craibii Nielsen performs a host of beneficial sexual reproductive health functions for men including but not limited to stimulating the production of male hormones, increasing blood circulation (which helps improve erection), promotes vitality, increases muscle strength; counters impotence; stimulates the synthesis of male hormones (which aids in the overall nourishment the body). Additionally, the herb is a rejuvant and is popular amongst aged men. 

For the herbal student or student of herbs, Acacia C.N. is known as Kumlang Chang Sarn (power of the elephants)

Alpinia Galangal 

Part: root. Alpine Galangala boosts male fertility, increases sperm percentage, viability, motility, and testosterone and elevates sperm quality and gamete expression. Additionally, Galangal improves blood circulation which is very important for achieving and maintaining erection.

Anaxagorea luzonensis 

Part: leaf. This powerful Southeast Asian herb promotes sexual desire, boosts male stamina (energy and drive), improves sexual performance, supports prolonged male function; increases vasodilation (vasorelaxant) and blood circulation which improves erection; promotes vitality, increases muscle strength, and increases hair growth. 

Additionally, Anaxagorea L. increases ejaculation and sensitizes the penile nerves and strengthens the male specific parts. It is an efficient herb to heal impotence and erectile dysfunction (ED) and greatly helps to alleviate male performance issues. The herb is also a potent PDE5 inhibitor with PDE5 inhibitory activity. And we can't forget this extra benefit: it is also a muscle relaxant. 

Betula Alnoides Buch 

Park: bark. Betula A.B. promotes vitality and sexual performance, promotes sexual desire, and promotes longevity. It too has a PDE5 inhibitory effect. Known in Southeast Asia as a tonic herb for longevity

Boesenbergia rotunda (Finger Root)

Part: rhizome. Known as Thai Ginseng root and in China as Chinese Ginger, this is one of the most potent Ginsengs available. It helps to improve sexual desire, promotes heightened male libido, promotes stronger erections (counters erectile dysfunction), counters male infertility, and improves the quality of sperm and increases sperm volume. 

Additionally, Finger Root it helps to balance the blood pressure.

Butea Superba (Red Kwao Krua)

Part: root. Butea Superba (also known as Red Kwao Krua), one of the most potent and effective southeast Asian male-specific herbs, promotes sexual vigor, and is an effective hormonal replacer rich in phytoandrogens. It is used extensively for increasing virility in males and induces arterial dilation (especially in the penile area) because of effects similar to male hormones, thus promoting more intense and longer erections.

Dracaena Conferta Ridl

Part: root. Dracaena Conferta R. is one of the most potent Southeast Asian male-specific aphrodisiac herbs in existence and on the market. Improves sexual and physical capacity, increases androgen  levels *, improves blood circulation; counters erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation; and helps build muscle making it great for bodybuilders. It also boasts energy-boosting properties.

* FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone), LH (luteinizing hormone), and testosterone: the tree main hormones that drive male fertility.

Enkleia Thorelii (Lecomte)

Part: leaf. Enkleia Thorelii is one of a few herbs that can actually promote male penile growth (the others being Kigelia, Mpesu, Cistanches, and Akpi Seed) when consistently consumed over long periods of time (6-12 months). Enkleia T. promotes sexual vigor, boosts male sex function, and is a very strong strong male sexual aphrodisiac. 

Ficus Faveolata Wall

Part: Bark. Ficus F.W. improves male sexual desire and performance and nourishes blood circulation. This herb is famous for its potency and as a sexual tonic herb.

Gambir Sarawak (Uncaria Gambir Roxb.)

Part: bark. Gambir Sarawak is another herb helpful for male penile growth. This Borneoan herb effectively counters premature ejaculation, assists the aging male in the sex department (improve sexual desire and ability to perform). The herb is so effective that its applied (as a liquid, extract or tincture) topically to the tip of the penis, allowed to dry, and then washed off after 10-15 minutes and a man can perform in long lasting sexual intercourse. A great alternative to Congo Dust and Jamaican Stone.

We have plenty of Gambir Sarawak and it will be available here at ManDyngo.com very soon. Again, we are just starting out, however, we have so much to offer.

Kaempferia Parviflora

Part: rhizome. Known as Thai Ginseng and Thai Viagra Kaempferia P. improves vitality, has PDE-5 inhibitory effects and increases the production of cyclic AMP; increases circulation to the genitalia of both men and women; improves physical fitness performance, promotes muscular endurance, counters fatigue; counters impotence and erectile dysfunction in men (has vasodilatory effect); increases the male libido, minimizes memory impairment, improves cardiovascular health; improves sexual health in middle aged men; supports male sexual function, increases penis size 9over time), improves erectile response time, boosts testosterone secretions and levels, and increases testicular weight.

Mucuna Collettii (Black Kwao Krua)

Part: root. The most potent and effective of all Kwao Kruas. Mucuna C. promotes sexual desire, offers hormonal replacement, and promotes heart health.

Purwoceng (Pimpinella alpinia Molk)

Part: root. Purwoceng is a super aphrodisiac from Indonesia (called Indonesian Viagra or Javan Viagra) and has an androgenic effect, improves blood flow and circulation, maximizes blood flow to the penis, increases sexual arousal and male virility, increases testosterone and luteinizing hormones (by 29.2%) that stimulates the functioning of the cells in the testes to produce testosterone; warms the body, nerves, and muscles; restores stamina; and can make men 50 years old be young again.

Smilax Cerbularia

Part: root. Smilax Cerbularia. helps boosts male sexual desire, improves blood circulation, and enhances physical fitness. As an added benefit or incentive, the herb is rich in antioxidants.

Tongkat Ali

Part: root. Also known as Long Jack and Yellow Kwao KruaTongkat Ali traditional uses include boosting male testosterone levels, increasing energy and stamina, improving muscle growth, improving libido, increasing fertility; counters infertility in men, promotes sperm motility and semen quality; promotes faster recovery time; reduces stress, and is an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction (ED) in older men with erectile dysfunction and low testosterone.

Tongkat Ali also has ergogenic properties, increases semen volume and sperm health, and also helps improve bone health.

The foregoing information and/or statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the information and/or statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or substitute for medical advice.

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