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Ionic Zinc: On average, men release (lose) approximately 3 mg of Zinc per ejaculation!

On average, men release (lose) approximately 3 mg of Zinc per ejaculation. Because of excessive ejaculation whether from sexual intercourse or masturbation, some men are releasing (losing) 9-21 mg of Zinc per day and thus are severely deficient in Zinc and other important nutrients necessary for health in general, male reproductive health in particular; and worse, men generally are ignorant to the fact that these lost nutrients must be replenished (usually through the diet) by consuming high Zinc foods such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, fenugreek seeds, spinach, legumes, chickpeas, lentils, cashews, hemp seeds, etc.

Our Zinc PLUS is ionic Zinc plus ionic Molybdenum, Selenium, and Sulfur - considered the male sexual health nutrients.

Ionic Zinc is essential for normal growth and physical development (and vital for male sexual development), especially as it relates to proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Additionally, Zinc is the most abundant mineral in the male prostate gland. Zinc deficiency is implicated in most adverse prostate conditions. Again, Zinc is vital for male sexual development. Low levels may affect testes development and lead to a low sperm count.

Selenium may increase sperm count, improve sperm motility, and enhance overall sperm quality. Furthermore, selenium has been found in studies to have a positive impact on male reproductive hormones. It has been shown to increase testosterone levels, which can improve libido and sexual function.

Molybdenum may boost male fertility levels and balance hormones. Some studies suggest that molybdenum may impact sperm quality and benefit men with prostate concerns.

Sulfur may help sperm quantity and quality.

Ionic is the best form after plants to acquire or obtain minerals. Ionic is a state small enough to allow penetration of the cells for 100% cellular absorption and assimilation.

Provides 20 mg of Zinc, 20 mg of Molybdenum, 20 mg of Selenium, 30 mg of Sulfur per 10 drops.

Directions: Add ten (10) drops to a glass of water (4 ounces or more). Use daily or as needed.

Ingredients: Ionic Zinc, Ionic Selenium, Ionic Molybdenum, and Ionic Sulfur.

Container: 2 ounce amber glass bottle with black dropper.

Net Fluid weight: 3.5 ounces

The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. 

1 Review

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    Works as intended!

    Published by Unknown on Jun 5th 2024

    I notice when I’m taking these mineral drops daily I’m not as tired and depleted especially after ejaculating. I feel good about these will continue to use them.

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