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A Natural PhytoComplex & Pro-Cognitive!

Shilajit Resin (also called Mineral Pitch and "the destroyer of weakness"), is a blackish-brown powder or an exudate from high mountain rocks in certain countries and is a health rejuvenator that improves sexual stamina, boost endurance levels, and improves energy levels. It is a sticky substance found primarily in the rocks of the Himalayas. It develops over centuries from the slow decomposition of plants. It is found in the Himalayas, Karakoram, Nepal, Bhutan, Russia, Iran, Mongolia and in the south of Peru, where it is called Andean Shilajit. It is the world's best source of natural trace minerals and Fulvic Acid. 

Shilajit provides more than eighty-five (85) types of trace minerals, vitamins, and macro-nutrients as well as being abundant in Fulvic Acid and Humic Acid, nutrients beneficial for daily energy, healthy libido, the immune system and general wellness, and hormone balance for both men and women.

Shilajit may help manage chronic fatigue, tiredness, lethargy and fatigue due to diabetes. Shilajit is reputed to improve the testosterone levels, may recover the male sexual abilities, and may enhance male fertility. It has been used for years for increasing the levels of testosterone in men, which presently in the United States is at an all time low due to a host of reasons such as Atrazine chemical in the water, synthetic female hormones in meat and dairy products, etc.). Men who consume Shilajit are reputed to have have a higher sperm count and sperm motility. Both these factors determine how well a sperm moves towards the egg, which in turn determines the chances of conception.

NOTE: This product contains a generic label at present (pending professional labels becoming available).

Vegan. Gluten Free. Soy Free. Kosher. Halal.

Quantity: 100 Vegan capsules (HPMC, Clear, Size "o")

No excipients (fillers, binders, preservatives, etc.).

Directions: Take 3 capsules with water daily or as needed, preferably 45-minutes after a meal (not on an empty stomach). Only increase dosage (by 1 capsule) when/if you feel the need.

Ingredients: Shilajit resin.

Additional Ingredients: 

Container: 150cc, 38-400 neck, Black, Plastic bottle.


Not recommended to take with prescription medication.

The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. 

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