ManDyngo Coffee (DeCaffeinated)

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An African Aphrodisiac Coffee!

ManDyngo Coffee allows one to enjoy the taste of coffee (Kenyan) along with the aphrodisiacal effects of certain African erotogenic herbs such as Mpesu, Gouro, Mondia Whitei, Fadogia Agrestis, and Kigelia - herbs that boost libido, promotes stamina and endurance, increases fertility potency, and improve sexual performance.

Kenya, Africa is, without a doubt, the capital of coffee excellence. The AA grading of the bean denotes the high grade of this bean. This legendary coffee out of Kenya is known for its strong body, winey flavor and pronounced acidity. It will light up a drinker's palette with bright notes. 

A great after-dinner coffee that helps get you (and your partner) in the mood.

Directions: Follow regular instructions for brewing coffee (auto drip) in a coffee maker.

Ingredients: DeCaffeinated Kenyan AA Coffee (ground); herbs of Kigelia, Mondia Whitei, Gouro (Turrea Heterophylla), Mpesu bark, Fadogia Agrestis stem, and Bangalala root.


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