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African Aphrodisiacal HERBAL Coffee!

Herbal coffee is a caffeine-free alternative to traditional coffee that is made using a blend of select herbs, grains, and other plant-based ingredients. Some people choose to drink herbal coffee because they are sensitive to caffeine or because they want to reduce their caffeine intake, thus, herbal coffee is the way to go.

ManDyngo Herbal Coffee allows one to enjoy the taste of coffee along with the aphrodisiacal effects of certain African erotogenic herbs such as Kigelia, Mpesu, Mondia Whitei, Fadgia Agrestis, and Gouro - herbs that may boost libido, promote stamina and endurance, increase fertility potency, and improve sexual performance.

A great after-dinner coffee alternative that helps get you (and your partner) in the mood.

Prebiotic. Acid Free. Caffeine Free.

NO artificial flavors, preservatives, chemicals or stimulants.

Directions: Brew just like coffee in any kind of coffee maker.

Ingredients: Coffee alternative (Roasted Chicory, Dates, Figs, Barley, Carob); Coconut Palm Sugar, Raw Cocao; herbs of Kigelia, Gorantula, Mondia Whitei, Gouro (Turrea Heterophylla), Mpesu, Bangalala, Massularia Acuminata, Caesalpinia Benthamiana, and Microdesmis Keayana.


The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

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